Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part III.

I am getting much too behind with my catwalk overviews especially with the fact that I intended on having a look at the Menswear collections for the first time ever and the Haute Couture collections (my favourite) are coming out soon! So, although this will be the last Pre-Fall 2011 entry, it doesn't mean that there weren't many more amazing collections!
First up is my most favourite and influential (of getting me interested in Fashion), Moschino. This is the 'Cheap & Chic' line, which has a younger look to the mainline, and it certainly showed! I want these four outfits and all the accessories to match - just look at the shoes! The simple black dress with cornered heart is adorable and I just love the trompe l'oeil ruffle neckline!The collection by Louis Vuitton was 'nice', but as soon as I noticed an obvious inspiration from the 1920s, it certainly won me over!The Givenchy collection was unbelievably fresh! There were still many references to previous styles, but the mixing of black leather and darkened-khaki was amazing, and so were the matching feathers! I loved the rich plum trouser suit and softer blouses in lilac. On a side note, I thought the photography was great as the background went from day to night!I always mention the Alexander McQueen collections and I thought this would be the first time where I wouldn't. I was disappointed with the initial military-nautical look to the collection, but towards the end, the evening dresses were definitely amazing enough to talk about!And lastly, the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. I adored the chocolate leather dress blocked with sheer sleeves and mixing cornflower blue, with tan and grey looked yummy! The fur dress is to die for, and will be something I must have! This was a totally wearable collection with lots of styling ideas!
Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova
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