Monday, 17 January 2011

Restaurant Review: Caffe Concerto.

As many Londoners know, Westfield is almost like a second, but indoor version of Oxford Street... but without the low-priced stores, and I often like to go there as all the shops I like are all under one roof! When I went there a couple of weekends ago with my sister, we decided to have lunch somewhere we had never been before...and as we walked around, we came across Caffé Concerto.
I don't tend to go for Italian when eating out, because it is something quite easy to get (in the form of ready-made meals!), but the menu sounded nice, it was quiet, and the overall look of the restaurant was quite impressive...and I was surprised at being impressed with the service as soon as I stepped in and was told that we could sit anywhere we liked! I hate it when waiters and waitresses don't let me sit where I want, and I have had that happen before, even when it has been quite empty. So far, so good!
I almost went for a typical lasagne dish, but decided to copy my sister and went for the Tagliatelle Pesto, which had mushrooms, lots of garlic and onion - my favourite ingredients!
I was surprised at the time it took to get our meals, it wasn't too fast (this always makes me feel a bit weird if I get my food too quickly!) and it wasn't ridiculously long either (which would've been worrying seeing as there was not a lot of people!) was just perfect, which is rare, and I was very hungry!
It smelt amazing and I just could not wait to get it into my mouth! It was incredibly delicious but also incredibly rich it was, that I could not even get through half of it - and neither could my sister! I don't usually take food home but I could not let this go to waste...and this is when the first and last disappointment happened. The food was put into one of those horrible yellow polystyrene boxes typically used for fish & chips and when I got home, most of the sauce had leaked out! I didn't even know it was put into that type of box as they gave it to me in a nice paper bag and I didn't check, but why would I? This was such an unexpected let-down when they could have just easily used a plastic one, like how Chinese takeaways do! Nevertheless, my sister and I then had it for dinner, but this time with chips, and all my disappointment went away. It definitely needed to be eaten with something stodgy to soak up some of the 'richness', and this is something I will definitely ask for again next time!
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