Saturday, 5 February 2011


..I was just browsing '1920s' on Etsy (as I do pretty much everyday)...and I know I probably won't be buying, but all things 1920s is pure eye candy for me!...and if only I had more disposable income, I would absolutely get these beauties and just hang them on my wall, like pieces of art... they're so amazing!!
1920's NOUVEAU painted metal mesh purse from PranceAndSwagger

1920s ART DECO WHITE AND TURQUOISE ENAMEL MESH EVENING BAG (Madalian Mfg. Co. USA) from pearlsvintage

Vintage 1920's Art Deco Mandalian Mesh Purse from ArtDecoDame

Vintage 1920s ART DECO chain mail mesh evening purse from merivintage
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