Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011 - Menswear.

I once mentioned that I would touch on some of the Menswear catwalk shows, and here they are! I must warn that I may love something that has been around for ages and is nothing 'new' but I have always specialised in Womenswear in my career so I'm pretty oblivious to the goings-on in Menswear...although I did make a white corduroy and suede tailored jacket (I know, sounds gross!) when I was at University, as I was curious about doing Menswear so decided to try it out when we were given a 'Tailoring' project - I'll show what I made if I can find it!
This entry will be the only one I do this season as I am running so behind with blogging, but I will definitely make more effort next time as I have actually really enjoyed looking at the collections, especially from the labels I love when looking at Womenswear and noticing the similarities.First up is Dries Van Noten. My first thoughts on this collection was how slick it looked! Everything seemed so refined and well cut, and I absolutely adored the fur accents in unlikely places - something I have also noticed in Womenswear. My favourite thing, and probably most predictable (for those who know me) was the bullion embroidered jacket in periwinkle! I loved the colours used and the use of an old technique in fresh colours and on a baseball-esque jacket!The Dior Homme collection won me over as soon as I saw the staging! Why have one amazing chandelier, when you can have 10? This is something I would love to mimic in my own house one day!The colour palette of black and grey (although there are hints of red later on in the collection) would usually be quite boring for me but the overall shapes of each outfit was so interesting! I don't think I have ever seen Menswear look so...soft! I also felt that the Amish touches were quite fun and playful!Lastly, I was quite surprised at how much I liked the Burberry Prorsum show! The tomato red coat looks deliciously comfortable, the shearling-lined-patent-quilted coat was also great and the new checked aviator jacket was very nice. I guess I liked these as I could see them as coats for women too!Then onto the fur (didn't I say there was so much fur!!) used on lapels, blocked and even woven into Knitwear, I just loved it!!Then, my most favourite part and in true British style, it started to rain with the models dressed in matching raincoats!! This was delightful!!
Images from Stylesight.com │ Assembled by nuvonova
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