Tuesday, 8 February 2011

deviantART: *drigzabrot

To continue with my favourite deviantART artist finds is drigzabrot. I instantly loved the re-occurring themes in drigzabrot's work consisting of ninjas (love them!) and robots! I found it unique and I really liked how the majority of the work looked almost 'unfinished'. It seemed like the artwork was produced spontaneously, he had an idea in his head, and he did as much as he could, then stopped when the idea stopped...it all seemed very fast and organic...and I loved that! I found his work completely effortless.
I do wonder if my assumptions are completely wrong though?!
Below is 'Territorial Mark' which is stunning! I love the flash of her red, armoured gauntlets and how her face is concealed which makes it all the more dramatic! I usually hate any type of graffiti influence in art but I really didn't mind it here!The next one is my most favourite which is titled 'Branded'...and is perfect, I totally get it! It reminds me of The Matrix but mixed in with orientalism and mechanics is amazing!
Next up is 'Nikki'...the first thing I noticed and was very amused with, was the strategically placed samurai sword which covers her breast. This was an almost endearing thing to see from a male artist! (Not that I'm saying all male artist like to include exposed breasts - I just really noticed it on this occasion!)At first, I thought the piece below was simply a female cyborg with an amazing headpiece, then I read the title 'My Music'...and it was delightful! I absolutely loved the idea of it being headphones which was completely unpredictable and goes back to what I said about his work being spontaneous!I hope you will take a look at his gallery because there are so many more amazing pieces there!
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