Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part I.

Now that the Fall 2011 collections have started to swarm out, it's that time again for me to present my favourite ones! First up is Alexander Wang....I was surprised at how much I loved this! I really thought that this season, would be the season where I thought his collection would be 'OK' to me...but I was completely blown away! I think it was his more glamorous pieces that won me over which had elements of 1930's seaming and I absolutely adored them being styled with fluffy jumpers!
I also took a strong liking to the accessories and the hand guards helped toughen up the softer looks which is what I like so much about Alexander Wang's handwriting.The use of fur was so clean and the way some of it is almost ombréd into another fabric was just stunning! A really brilliant collection!Next is Peter Som and like many of the other collections I have previously mentioned across all the seasons on my blog, if there is something shiny and sparkly, I will most probably love it! The all-over sequins in tonal colours and on such simple silhouettes looked so fresh, but my most favourite has definitely got to be the gunmetal look with the feathered hips!Prabal Gurung's collection was just WOW! The opening red dress had such a beautiful neckline and what can I say about the white and red ombréd fur jacket!!The embellished pieces were so beautiful and I never would have thought that red and pale pink would work so well in a collection!My favourite look is definitely the mixed embellished dress, especially with the coppery tones!!
Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova
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