Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part IX.

My Fendi selection isn't the best indication to what the whole collection is like because they were taken from the last half, but I really loved the styling and the foil printed garments were refreshing to see as I originally thought it was sequins! Overall, a really nice and wearable collection.Although the Frankie Morello collection was not really to my taste (masculine rockabilly), I just loved the headpieces! I firstly assumed they were mimicking bunny ears made from hair until later on in the collection when they took the obvious form of shoes! I loved these!!Sportmax was also a great collection and totally not what I expected to see! Judging from previous seasons I thought it would be quite clean but I loved the slight turn this season with vintage, oriental and bondage-esque influences! As always, the sight of embellishment really excites me and I loved the turtle neck-under-gold and silver embellished dress-with thigh split!As soon as I noticed a nod towards the 1920s near the end of the collection, I knew I had to include No.21 in my entry! I loved how the embellishment creeps up and around the feathers on the outfits below and who knew how chic dark salmon, lemon and grey lace could look in one outfit!!I always love the Alberta Ferretti collections and loved it once again...although my colleagues did not seem to be that bothered by it! I loved the 20s and 60s amalgamation, the slick hairstyles, the thigh-high velvet boots, the tangerine/violet and magenta/blue colour combinations and the heavy embellishments!

Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova
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