Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part VII.

I have consistently liked Christopher Kane's collections and once again, he didn't disappoint! The coloured liquid encased in rubber was so innovative (for a garment) and although the majority of his collection was black, I still found it very exciting!I loved the double split-thigh dresses which he's done for a few seasons now but this detail hasn't made its way into mainstream yet, and I'm hoping it does now as I'd love to have something like it! Then the retro homespun looks were so adorable and completely inspired me to publish an entry about it over on the British Sellers on Etsy blog!! As the collection almost ended, I was surprised and in total awe with the sequined looks. I wasn't expecting it but ended up loving the collection even more because as many of you may now, I do like an embellished number!

Images from Stylesight.com and Style.com │ Assembled by nuvonova
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