Saturday, 12 February 2011

Film Review: Black Swan (2011)

I finally went to watch Black Swan, a film that I absolutely had to watch at the cinema...and although a lot longer after it was released (meaning I would have heard colleagues talking and/or read about it), I still very much enjoyed it! Much more than I thought, although thinking back about how much I had enjoyed Darren Aronofsky's (the Director) The Wrestler, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I still was!
Everything was incredibly unpredictable and very up and down, I was quite tense through most of it which doesn't often happen due to the amount of thrillers and horrors I have been brought up on (film ratings were never an issue with my parents so my brother and I often stayed up late watching Poltergeist and other things that would scare me senseless!)..therefore I had built up a bit of immunity to getting scared easily!The plot revolves around Nina who is amazingly played by Natalie Portman. She is a ballerina and gets the White Swan part in a Swan Lake adaptation, but struggles with the role as the Black Swan due to her sheltered upbringing and overbearing mother. The ballet director Thomas, played by Vincent Cassel is also a great cast and is another great example of how good Vincent Cassel is at playing the 'bad guy'... although like the rest of the film, sometimes I see him as bad, sometimes I am seeing him as I previously said, it was all very up and down!!Lily, played by Mina Kunis who I didn't expect to be this good, is perfect as the Black Swan and Nina becomes threatened and believes Lily is after her. In between all of this, she starts hallucinating, which are the greatest parts of the films because you actually don't know if it is real or if it isn't...and there are some really thrilling parts which made a lot of the audience jump!Her hallucinations start to really effect her performance, but towards the end, they make her superb. My absolute most favourite part is when she starts to turn into the Black Swan during a scene and it is truly beautiful, I could probably watch that scene over and over again! It was almost hypnotic!I think my review is not as consistent as usual, I have missed out a lot, I just don't know how to type it up to my best ability but without making it a dissertation! I was pretty much speechless when it ended and Natalie Portman was extremely convincing as a ballerina...although I am not an expert in Ballet, so I wouldn't really know, but I completely believed it! This is a 'must-watch' film for those who are open-minded and like to watch something a little different.
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