Thursday, 10 February 2011

Haute Couture SS11. Part III. Jean Paul Gaultier.

Along with the Armani Privé Couture collection, Jean Paul Gaultier's collection is also a huge favourite! I loved it at first glance, but as I looked at it in more detail, I appreciated it more and more! The obvious punk elements with the mohawk styling was just stunning!!! Then there were elements of 1920s (my favourite decade!) in the form of fingerwaved hair, fringing and dropped waist silhouettes.I quickly also noticed Victoriana elements in the form of cameos and jet beading...which are things I absolutely love - I collect both cameos and jet beaded trims!! Then when I saw the cannonball/ball and chain-esque bag embellished with studding and cameos, I almost squealed in delight! I want, I want!!Carrying on with the Victorian influence, I also really loved the Victorian mantle-biker jacket hybrid (this is how I saw it anyway!)...and again, loved the presence of a black cameo!Finally, my most exciting moment in the collection was the bride! I'm sure I've mentioned this before in my blog, but I love it when collections finish with a bride...and I was not disappointed! Absolutely loved the dress and would wear it for my own wedding...and then the tulle dripping from the model's mohawk - WOW!
A truly stunning collection which is probably evident from my several images - it was so hard to filter down!
Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova
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