Monday, 14 February 2011

Thierry Mugler - Alien.

When 'Alien' perfume by Thierry Mugler first came out (2005 I think), I always felt that it was made for me! I first noticed it via the campaign (at a bus stop) featuring a beautiful model called Tina Baltzer and I knew that I just had to have it, regardless of the scent! If you've been following my blog, you will know that I love all things Sci-Fi (the Alien films being a favourite!) and I can't think of any other perfume that has touched on this theme besides Thierry Mugler. It was just so refreshing to see!I remember asking for it for either my Birthday or for Christmas, and I had faith that I would love the scent...the whole package was just too perfect...the scent couldn't be bad...and I was right! Now, I really wish I knew perfume terminology so I could describe the scent, but I'll extract it from Wikipedia instead!

"An amber-woody-floral creation, in three revelations. The first comes with a light-filled “sunflower” note, infused with sambac jasmine. This is the fragrance’s nod to ultra-femininity. Second revelation: the appearance of a bewitching woody note which provokes a certain mystery, cashmeran wood. The third revelation is brought about by white amber which reveals the fragrance’s comforting effect, a feeling of well-being. This unique fusion creates a radiant, vibrant and mysterious fragrance."

I wish I could say that sounds about right, but I never really understand these things anyway..I mean, what is cashmeran wood?! I only ever know the really obvious scents such as vanilla, lavender, rose etc!
However I get the whole 'woody' side to the scent and it's certainly a unique scent, I don't think I have ever had a whiff of it anywhere else, but I would certainly recognise it!This is my most favourite perfume ever, and I will continue asking for it for the rest of my life (because it is pretty pricey!)... The bottle is also amazing and sprays very well, one squirt is usually enough for this scent as it is quite strong. I really want to try the other versions of this too, in fact I'd really want to try the entire Alien range! So, the next time you're in a department store, have a sniff!
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