Monday, 28 March 2011

Beauty Review: Aqua Sheko.

I was introduced to Living Social by a work colleague and couldn't believe I hadn't known about it before! Same with Groupon and Wahanda! I am definitely up for some discounted things!
So, when I had freshly signed up, there was an offer on for a Fish Manicure at Aqua Sheko at their Soho, London branch...and I decided to surprise my mother with it!
It's a very slick looking 'spa' and I was keen to venture further inside. Staff were very friendly and showed us into a room with two rows of tanks, filled with fish! My mother started getting a bit freaked out which I thought was quite funny and asked what was going to happen! I explained what it was and she was very dubious and started to comment about bacteria..which was something I totally didn't even think about and also something totally true! Anyway, we were there, it was paid for so we went ahead with the 'manicure'.
We were comfortably sat on padded stools while our hands were inside the tanks. The fish started nibbling away immediately and we were told that our 'dead skin' was food to the fish. It is a very funny feeling but you do get used to it...although my mother did find it hard as she is extremely ticklish!
We were sat like that for about 45 minutes and then had to go and wash our hands. My hands did feel soft but I couldn't tell if it is was because they had been soaked in water for so long and had gone a bit raisin-like!
I was also disappointed that there wasn't any hand wash or hand cream to use though, which I thought was very important to have for the treatment! I just didn't feel very clean or satisfied! My mother said she didn't want to go again but enjoyed the treatment nevertheless and I had felt the same. I don't think the whole 'fish spa' will last very long, it's definitely just a novelty. However, if it does happen to last, I think spas will need to provide some sort of entertainment for people doing it alone during their lunch hour or something because if I was by myself, I would be incredibly bored not being able to do anything with my hands and you can only watch the fish eating away for a very short amount of time!
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