Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Film Review: Casshern (2004).

As I was rummaging around my brother's stash of DVD's, I came across Casshern. The front cover immediately caught my eye and I stole it away to watch! It is a Japanese film based on an Anime series and as I watched it, I was pleased at how it still had a strong Anime influence to it, such as some of the action scenes and overall cinematography.
The city it is set in looks very dystopic and it is clear that there is or was some sort of war going on. I have to admit that I watched this a while ago but still felt that I just HAD to share it! Dr. Azuma is introduced and he presents his findings on the possibility of 'Neo cells' (found in a certain group of people) that can be used to regenerate human tissue. However, his ideas are disregarded but he is later approached by a company that will help sponsor him with developing his research.
The viewer is then introduced to Dr. Azuma's family- his wife Midori and son Tetsuya, who is to join the military...something his family and fiance Luna do not approve of. The film skips forward showing him in battle and he is killed.
Dr. Azuma has of course begun his cell research during this time and manages to grow organs from the Neo cells..Tetsuya's corpse is also brought to the laboratory where it is looked upon by Tetsuya's ghost - which adds a completely new dimension to the film! Many things start to then happen at once, such as a lightening bolt that hits the laboratory (and turns into stone - although I'm not sure if it is actually supposed to be stone, or just to act as a reminder that there was a lightening bolt) which stimulates the organs and limbs and they begin to form complete bodies! This had such an eerie quality to it!
Guards are then called in to capture/kill them but some are able to escape. During this whole commotion, Dr. Azuma decides to put Tetsuya's dead body into the 'solution' and he is resurrected! The way I am describing it makes it sound incredibly far fetched but it wasn't at all!Although Tetsuya is now alive, his is very unstable so Luna's father Dr. Kozuki assists in providing him with an under-developed armour (he was unable to finish his armour research as funding was given to Dr. Azuma). I loved this scene as it reminded me of computer games where each time your character 'levels-up' you get a new piece of equipment or armour, and that's how I interpreted this scene! I knew the film would get a lot better once Tetsuya was in that suit! He had super strength, speed, everything! The film suddenly seemed very exciting from this point onwards! I could easily continue going through the entire film, but I hope this is enough to make you want to watch it! However, if you're not a film-lover, you may find this difficult to watch because of the way it has been filmed and some of the would need to be incredibly open-minded to really 'get' and appreciate this film! I've never watched anything like it and the storyline has a lot of depth and very unpredictable, there were many 'oh my god!' moments! The ending was brilliant and I felt completely satisfied and I hope I can find the time to watch the actual Anime!
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