Sunday, 27 March 2011

Film Review: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. (2002)

Now, onto the second installment! I loved the introduction of Dobby (a house elf) who makes his first appearance in Harry's room, trying to convince him not to return to Hogwarts. However, Harry now sees Hogwarts as his 'home' and nothing was going to stop him from returning. Dobby then proceeds to frame Harry by ruining an evening where Harry's uncle Vernon has his boss over for dinner! The Weasley brothers then rescue Harry from being locked in his room in a flying car and take him to their home. I loved how the action in this sequel was instant, everything is always exciting with the Harry Potter films which is wonderful as children typically have short attention spans (admittedly, I sometimes do too!) and if conversations are too long or a scene is just dragging on, I will get bored!
One of my favourite scenes in this film is definitely when Harry begins to speak to a snake, introducing the fact that he is a Parselmouth. I think this is when there is a true sense of darkness being demonstrated in the film. Although exciting for the viewer, it unfortunately makes Harry seem as though he is the heir of Slytherin - therefore the main culprit of releasing a creature that has been petrifying students.Another exciting thing is that we learn about Voldemort's past and I loved the little anagram idea! You'll know what I mean if you've seen it! There is also a lot of action and another character I loved was Moaning Myrtle who is a ghost that haunts the girls' toilets. The last part of the film is so satisfying, especially in regards to Dobby! It is so rare for a film to leave me satisfied when there are still several more to come after it. As my sister and I continued to watch each Harry Potter film, we couldn't believe just how brilliant they were, and we were only on the second! More reviews to follow!
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