Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Film Review: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

This one is definitely one of my favourites which funnily enough was the lowest ranking at the box office out of all 7 films! This is a great example in why I can never let ratings on a film influence whether I watch it or not!
The first part of the film is great and Harry's personality really starts to show, especially when his uncle's sister visits and starts to insult his parents.
The main storyline of the film is that Sirius Black (a Voldemort supporter) has escaped Azkaban prison and is believed to be after Harry. The Dementors (guards of Azkaban) also make a strong presence in this film and I just loved them! They darkened the mood of the film and made it easier for an older audience to enjoy.
I also loved Buckbeak, a Hippogriff...and was delighted when he had let Harry ride him! Draco Malfoy also continues to annoy me, which I guess is a good thing as he is clearly playing his character very well!Gary Oldman as Sirius Black does an excellent job which I hadn't noticed in other films he has been in...I will definitely be checking out some of his other ones now!! He truly is a brilliant actor and I was glad with the turn of the storyline later on in the film which allowed his character to stay on for a while longer! I think I also especially liked this film because there is a presence of a werewolf! Anything with werewolves and vampires will surely turn my head!
The last part of the film is incredibly clever, J.K Rowling has an amazing imagination! Again, I was totally satisfied with this film!!
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