Sunday, 6 March 2011

Film Review: Planet Terror (2007).

The first thing that made me want to watch this film was the sight of Rose McGowan with a machine gun as a leg. I love films where females have strength and are not constantly in need of help (I can't watch films where the female character is constantly screaming) so Planet Terror's trailer completely won me over...even though I am watching it 4 years after it was released.
I watched it online via LOVEFiLM (although I plan on cancelling my subscription soon - too many occasions where a DVD has not worked) and also got my sister to watch it with me.The film has a grainy quality to it which is a nod towards films shown in grindhouse theatres. I got used to this really quickly but my sister moaned for a while about it. I can understand that it can be difficult to see something in 'poor quality' when there is Blu-Ray etc out now, but I feel that this quality really complimented the film and gave it a kooky touch, another reason why I wanted to watch the film, because it looked different...and there is a great part where there is a missing reel so you actually miss part of the film (this annoyed my sister) but this only added into the authenticity of the style of filming and also keeps the viewer thinking about the plot.
However, I won't go into the actual plot of the film because there is a lot going on with a lot of characters (brilliant cast too)...but this is basically a zombie film...and I can never get enough of zombie films! The prosthetics looked great, they really made me squirm and there were also a couple of 'I shouldn't really laugh at that but I did' moments!
My favourite characters were the 'Crazy Babysitter Twins', just because they were so feisty and hilarious, they could actually just be in their own film! Bruce Willis was great as always and Marley Shelton surprised me, she was really really good and even though she has been around for ages, this is the first time I have actually noticed her. I definitely recommend this film for all film-enthusiasts or fans of Quentin Tarantino who also has a role in Planet Terror and directed the sister film 'Death Proof' which I hope to watch soon!
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