Thursday, 14 April 2011

ASOS AW11 Press Day.

I attended the ASOS AW/11 Press Day and as always, found some really fantastic pieces that inspired me for Autumn! The set up was modern and much more spacious than it had previously been which allowed me to appreciate each area properly.
The middle section had a long table filled with shoes and accessories...which all looked brilliant and I have my eyes on a pair of shoes when they are to hit the site in a few months time.I always forget about Menswear on my blog, even though I have had emails requesting I blog about it more! I find it interesting and have a little experience with it when I had to make a tailored jacket at University, but as I am not really exposed to it, I can forget!
However, I didn't forget about it this time as I had to walk through ASOS Menswear to get to Womenswear! It all looked very slick and super wasn't just about the clothes, it was about the overall mood too. My favourite area was definitely the Tailoring section.
ASOS BLACK (Menswear) also looked great which were displayed alongside televisions with white noise. Like I previously said, I loved the creativity of each setting! However, I started thinking about 'The Ring' (when the girl crawls out the TV) and 'White Noise'...both extremely scary films!!
Overall, both Menswear and Womenswear looked great and I look forward to seeing it all on the site in due course!
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