Saturday, 9 April 2011

Beauty Review: Sweet Sally's Soaps.

Continuing with my current handmade soap obsession, is my purchase from Sweet Sally's Soaps where I bought a $25/£15 voucher for $9/£5 via Heartsy (a type of Groupon/Living Social for handmade).
I went for some Vanilla Coffee Body Butter, Organic Lilac Soap, Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap and Castile/Olive Oil Soap.
Firstly, the Vanilla Coffee Body Butter is exactly what it says! I could not believe how potent the smell was, it was almost a shock! I was definitely not disappointed with this as I love the smell of Vanilla and Coffee, but it was too overpowering for me! I definitely got what I wanted with that product, but I think it would be better for someone that loves a strong smell. The Lilac Soap was much more my cup of tea! The scent was subtle with a lovely floral fragrance.
I was curious about the Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap because I had noticed many other soap sellers offering this mix which made me do a little research and I found out that this soap was supposedly good for problem skin, so I decided to buy it for my sister's mild acne. She has been using it for almost a month now and I really do think it has cleared some of her spots. I knew it would do something (even though she was very dubious) because when I had spots as a teenager, tea tree oil was always great to use. Lastly, the Castile/Olive Oil Soap was so lovely to use, it is almost scentless and it certainly helped my dry skin.
I have many more soaps to review, I just need some time to get through them all! Check back soon!
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