Saturday, 2 April 2011

Beauty Review: Tweezerman For Benefit ProCurl Lash Curler.

I don't wear much make-up at all, but I love to curl my eyelashes! So when I spotted some eyelash curlers on ASOS.COM by Tweezerman for Benefit discounted from £15 to £10.85, I thought it was time to replace my very cheap and tattered H&M eyelash curlers which really weren't doing much to my eyelashes anymore!
Like with all Benefit packaging, it was adorable and so perfect for gift giving. I have still kept the box as I'm sure I could use it for something else! Both the Benefit and Tweezerman brands have a good reputation so I knew I wouldn't be let down with the product, even though I would be comparing it to a much cheaper version!
The curlers also come with three replacement pads which is super important! However, the most important thing is how good they are! At first, I found the curlers very stiff, but in comparison to my H&M ones, they are probably just normal! The shaping for the eye is also great and I was really able to get to the root to do the triple step technique for curling eyelashes - a bit at the base, a bit in the middle, and a bit in the top ... so you get a nice curl, rather than a right angle! They curled wonderfully and I wish I had looked into getting better curlers sooner! However, as I originally saw them as expensive, I would happily pay the full £15 for them now as I use them everyday and they are a great quality. Highly recommended.
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