Sunday, 3 April 2011

Film Review: The Proposal (2009)

I have always liked Sandra Bullock films (especially comedies) and wanted to watch The Proposal when it was released two years ago but never got round to it, until now! I have also found Ryan Reynolds great at doing comedies so I thought this film with them both would be hilarious, and I was right!
My sister and I were laughing our way all through it...but the most belly-aching scene is when they both accidentally run into each other naked...the timing was just perfect, although I do wonder how many takes that took! had me and my sister in tears for ages!
The plot is simple, Sandra Bullock's character Margaret is the executive editor-in-chief for a book publishing company and finds out that she is to be deported back to Canada due to an expired visa. In a panic, she tells her bosses that she is actually marrying her assistant, Andrew, who actually doesn't really like her, so it is very entertaining watching her trying to convince him! You can probably guess what will happen, as comedy plot-lines do often follow the same ingredients...but it is all very amusing to watch nevertheless!!
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