Saturday, 16 April 2011

Film Review: Red Riding Hood (2011).

I love fairy tales being used as inspiration for films, so when I learned that Amanda Seyfried was filming 'Red Riding Hood' a few months ago, I looked forward to its release! However, I did find it quite annoying how it kept being promoted as being 'from the Director of Twilight'...I mean the fact that it had Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman already made it appealing! Although I did find it amusing that Billy Burke played her father when he also played Bella Swan's father in Twilight!There is a lot going on in the film so I'm not too sure where to start...but the film is a bit of a cliche, although I did think some of the cinematography was beautiful.
One thing that I thought was weird was her name, Valerie. It absolutely did not suit Amanda Seyfried at all! Anyway, she is in love with her childhood friend but her family promises her to someone between all of that, there is a Wolf that terrorizes the village which introduces us to Gary Oldman's character, Father Soloman, who is a witch hunter. He certainly gave the film a bit of panache and the performance from himself and Amanda Seyfried really showed up the rest of the cast, which was actually quite dull in comparison.Father Soloman explains to the village that the Wolf is in fact a Werewolf and could therefore be someone in the village....thus prompting the viewers to try and figure out who it may be! There are many instances where it is really obvious with who it is...and I wish I could say we were right from the start but admittedly, I was surprised at the end!! For me, the film is forgetful and I can't help but feel it was trying to be the new 'Twilight'...which is impossible as Twilight already had many fans from the books, prior to the film release.
However, my 14 year old sister really liked it so I guess it has appealed to its target audience.
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