Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Film Review: Sucker Punch (2011)

When I had seen the trailer to this film, I knew that I just HAD to watch it on the big screen, this was not going to be a home movie for me! However, although it was a better experience and that I had to pay so much (cinemas are so expensive nowadays!!), my expectations were naturally raised and I think my review would be even more positive if I had watched it at home!
If you've been following my blog, you will know that I love Fantasy/Action films that have a strong female lead such as Resident Evil, Underworld etc...so with Sucker Punch having a group of 5 strong females sounded excellent!
The intro was brilliant and was a great setting for the rest of the film...it is very creative with a fantastically haunting version of 'Sweet Dreams' as the audio, which I later found out was sung by Emily Browning who plays the lead female role. This scene explains how Emily Browning's character 'Babydoll' ends up in a mental institute called Lennox House, which I was pleased to spot could possibly have been named after Annie Lennox (who originally sang 'Sweet Dreams'!).
On entering the institute, we are introduced to the other characters and it is revealed that their lives there are taken advantage of by one of the staff members, Blue Jones...who is very creepy but fantastically played by Oscar Isaac. However, the viewer doesn't really know what happens to the girls, but we can guess. However, when Babydoll is asked to perform an erotic dance, her mind enters a fantasy world which were my favourite parts and also had a brilliant soundtrack! Her fantasy world also reflects part of her 'real' life' which is made clear when she meets a 'Wise Man' who instructs her with what she needs to do to escape - i.e. to escape the institute. Her first battle are with three stone samurais which was SO fun to watch! When she defeats them, we are transported back to the 'real world' where she has finished dancing. My sister and I both felt that we should have seen some of the dancing...but it never happened, not even once! This was a bit frustrating and we felt it was probably an easy way out of the actress being unable to dance or not having time for the choreography, or not a good enough choreography - it was all negative speculation! However, we later find out that the dance scenes are available to see on the DVD, but I don't think we will ever be getting it.Emily Browning's character was one of the best, which surprised me when there were 5 of them altogether, but she still came across as very strong and memorable. I wasn't that bothered with the performance by Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens or Jena Malone and actually found them quite irritating. However, I really loved Abbie Cornish's character 'Sweet Pea' and the twist in the storyline at the end made me feel that I was manipulated into liking her! You'll know what I mean when you watch it.
Overall, a really great film although I haven't read many good reviews...but I think the soundtrack was very memorable, complementing to the scenes and played a big part with influencing how I felt about the entire film! My favourite song is 'Army of Me' by Bjork and Skunk Anansie (which has actually been around for ages but I have only heard it for the first time in Sucker Punch!)...I've been playing it on my iShuffle ever since!!
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