Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Film Review: Thor (2011).

I LOVED this film! A great cast and characters, great effects, great storyline and great humour! If you loved Iron Man, you will love this too!The film starts with Odin (brilliantly played by Anthony Hopkins) who is King of Asgard and is at war with the Frost Giants. These scenes are amazing and I wish there was more of them...and I hadn't originally seen anything to do with the Frost Giants in the trailer so I was surprised and happy to see them on screen...a film just about them could actually be amazing! Predictably, they were defeated but they are still very much present throughout the whole film as they try to retrieve the source of their energy (a casket) which was removed by Odin and kept in Asgard in the battle that had happened several years earlier.In the present, Thor (Odin's son) is about to ascend to the throne when the ceremony is interrupted by Frost Giants trying to retrieve the casket. This angers Thor so he heads to Jotenheim (the Frost Giants home world) with his friends and brother Loki, to confront them. A mini-but still entertaining-battle takes place and Odin arrives to save them when they are in trouble. Due to Thor's actions by disturbing the 'peace', Odin strips his son from his hammer which is the source of his power and sends him to Earth.I won't go on anymore but Thor's presence on Earth is definitely the most entertaining part of the film, and the presence of S.H.I.E.L.D (also from Iron Man) makes it even more so! I wasn't sure about the chemistry between Thor and Natalie Portman's character Jane Foster, but it didn't really matter as this was far from being a romantic film! I also loved Kat Dennings as her assistant, Darcy Lewis (although I think they should have been sisters!)...she was really funny and I am keen to see her other films now!Overall, a great film, although I was very gutted that I didn't hang around after the credits (a bad habit of mine - I like to shoot straight out the exit when a film ends!) as a friend had told me that there was a very important scene after them!
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