Sunday, 29 May 2011

MCMExpo London - May 2011

This is the second time I have been to London's MCMExpo and it was great! I was slightly disappointed that there were not as many people in Cosplay as there was in October (unless it was just bad timing)...but I wasn't in maybe I don't have the right to complain! The guy below was one of the first 'wow' costumes I saw and he loved the attention! I don't know who he is supposed to be so if anyone knows, please tell me!A classic, Darth Vader!This girl looked amazing! Her make-up was flawless and it looked like she had literally jumped out of an Anime. My sister told me who she was but I don't remember, but she definitely had one of the most realistic looks!Silent Hill character- Pyramid Head also looked brilliant! I think the fact he was also alone gave a sense of eeriness whenever we saw him because he was always walking at a slow pace while dragging the Great Knife...and even when we saw him in the queue (for tickets), it seemed like people were stood further away from him compared to everyone else!This group was just cute and lots of fun!Shiva Sisters from Final Fantasy - a brilliant look and if I had the guts for it, I would want to do this with my sister!Goku in Super Saiyan mode (or something like that, I haven't watched Dragonball since I was about 10!).These girls looked brilliant together as characters from the Vocaloid Anime and really shows that big props make a huge difference to the overall look of a costume!Overall, a really fun day out but they have really got to sort out the queuing system! Also, there is a section at the event where Cosplayers (people in costume) get to perform and I missed out on this last time, so I was totally set on going on this occasion! However - when I wanted to go in, I was told that I had to go and get (free) tickets from a location on the other side of where I was, which was totally ridiculous because there are so many people and it can take ages getting from one side to the other! Why couldn't it have just been at the front of the venue!?! Anyway, we decided to give it a miss and to get the tickets for this the next time we attended.
My highlight of the event was the discovery of a newly released comic book which my sister and I purchased all 4 volumes that were available!
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