Thursday, 5 May 2011


I've had my Sony Ericsson j300i for about 7 years which my friends and family have always been amused about as it's such a basic phone and as I have an online shop and a blog, they imagine that I would want to access my emails and other things whenever I wanted to! It's totally true of course, if someone asks a question concerning a product in my Etsy Shop, I would love to answer them back as soon as I can...and blogging via my phone would be brilliant! However, with my j300i, I was on Pay-As-You-Go and literally spending £10 a month.....the step up from that to paying £35 a month AND being on contract had really put me off upgrading for a very long time!However, as you can see, I have finally succumbed! Now that I have been working full-time for a couple of years now, I could really see the benefit in having a phone that would allow me to do what I would usually- and could only do at home...and I am having less and less time to do so! I had been close to buying for a few months but kept putting it off, especially as I had to pay £140 for the actual handset, on top of the monthly bill....but then one day when I was browsing the Orange website, I noticed the same offer I had been constantly looking at had changed - the handset was now free!
I saw this as the right time to purchase and proceeded! A phone call with Customer Service confirmed that the free handset was actually a mistake but they would still need to honour it, so I was very lucky!I've had my brand spanking new iPhone 3GS for a few days now and it's been very handy! I'm definitely using the map, weather, email, train times functions/apps the most...along with the games which has seemed to replace reading a newspaper on the train! The only issue I have at the moment is that the battery life goes extremely sister told me there is a portable charger but I really don't want to add another thing to my bag! Overall, really happy with my new phone...I actually can't believe I'd been using such a basic phone for such a long time! I might have to hold back on other luxuries (thinking of cancelling my LOVEFiLM subscription) so that the £35 a month charge isn't too much of a shock (but I also have insurance at £12 a month) in comparison to my previous £10 a month phone spend!
If there are any Apps I must have, please recommend away! Also, if you are looking for a basic phone - text, make and receive calls... I would absolutely recommend the Sony Ericsson j300i! It is so tiny and very easy to use!
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