Monday, 27 June 2011

The End of The Next Generation.

Back in August 2008, I had mentioned that my boyfriend and I were making our way through the entire Star Trek series and I was supposed to do a review after each one...but we finished The Next Generation in 2009! ...and now we're actually almost half way through Deep Space Nine! I had so much to say about The Next Generation, but as I have left it so late since finishing it, I can't really remember much, but I do remember my favourite episode - 'Timescape' from Season Six.

I think it's fair to say that Star Trek is quite a serious program with matters that reflect back into the 'real world'... and if it wasn't for some characters, there would be no humour at all. However, in 'Timescape', it was a whole different kind of humour. There is a scene that I remember so perfectly, where a lifeform freezes everyone on the Enterprise and the Romulan ship. Captain Picard, Data and Jordi were off the ship when this happened, therefore unaffected. They board the Romulan ship, and this is where I am no longer taking the program seriously, but instead laughing my head off! I am laughing at the fact that the Romulan's are supposed to be 'frozen' but due to budget (or whatever else it may be!), the Romulan actors simply have to 'act' frozen...however, they are the most wobbly bunch of actors I have ever seen! I remember being in absolute tears and giggling about it for ages! Then there was another scene in this episode where Captain Picard starts to experience different emotions, draws a smiley face in a cloud and laughs like there is no tomorrow...this again was infectiously funny! I even found this amazing GIF to demonstrate!
I really wish I could review 'The Next Generation' in more depth but it has been too long since I finished it! However, I genuinely think that the Star Trek franchise is really brilliant and it explores so many ideas in regards to the really gets you thinking!
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