Friday, 3 June 2011

Film Review: X-Men - First Class (2011)

I couldn't wait to watch this as I felt like it had been YEARS since I last watched an X-Men film!...and I was not disappointed!
The film is a prequel to the X-MEN films which focuses mostly on Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr - both excellently played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender... these two actors were a great choice for the characters. The film starts by introducing both these characters as children - Erik in a German concentration camp and Charles in a mansion where we are quickly introduced to the shape-shifting mutant, Raven/Mystique who becomes Charles' best friend - something I wasn't expecting at all as they are 'enemies' in the X-Men films! I liked it though!
One scene I remember that irritated me slightly though is when Erik Lensherr (Magneto) is at the concentration camp and Dr. Schmidt asks him to move a coin using his metal-manipulation powers otherwise his mother (being held by two soldiers behind him) would be killed. He is unable to do this and Dr. Schmidt shoots her. This provokes him to kill the soldiers by crushing their helmets - which crushes their skulls...and he proceeds to violently move metal around the room. Dr.Schmidt is clearly delighted and realises that anger is the source to his power...something Charles helps Erik to deal with later on in the film and something I feel was the hook between their relationship. So, the annoying thing about that scene is that Dr.Schmidt is the one that shoots his mother so why doesn't Erik kill him or harm in any way!? He could've at least had a plate to his head! This was annoying but I still thoroughly enjoyed the film!
Kevin Bacon was also fantastic as Dr.Schmidt/Sebastian Shaw ... and it reminded me of how good of an actor he really is as I think the last film I watched him in was Hollow Man, which was over 10 years ago!
I could go on so much more about each individual character but I really hope there is a sequel-to-the-prequel as I feel there is so much more to explore! I mean, there is so much to explore in X-Men full stop as I think there are about 50 years worth of stories!
One more thing that I just have to mention...the very short Wolverine cameo appearance is the most hilarious scene, we were laughing about it for ages!
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