Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I attended MCMExpo in May which you can read here and purchased all 4 volumes of a newly released comic book, Requiem - Vampire Knight. It is written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit and is the first 'proper' comic book I have read since I was a child. I have always loved comic books but I got through them much too quickly which did not leave the story in my mind for long, so I simply forgot about them. I think the last one I actually read was Painkiller Jane when I was around 15! Of course, my love of 'comics' definitely continued but through films/animations rather than books such as Hellboy, X-Men etc... Now that I'm older, in a secure full-time job and that my younger sister loves all things Manga and Anime - I am remembering and becoming even more aware of all the other things out there for me to enjoy - not just Fashion! When I think back, Fashion was definitely the most dominant thing in my life for a very long time... probably the time from college straight to the time I got myself a 'proper' job in Fashion - which covers about 7-8 years...although it was most intense after finishing my degree when I finally 'had' to work...and getting into Fashion Design is incredibly hard unless you are starting your own label of course - but you need a lot of money to do this, or if you're lucky enough, to be sponsored.
However, without going off track...my point is that there are so many facets to my interests and people are often shocked at the things I like which doesn't surprise me because people I have met that are NOT IN Fashion, certainly have a stereotyped view about people IN Fashion, which I often find amusing nevertheless!Anyway, Requiem! This is the comic book I never knew I was looking for! I got through all 4 volumes in 2 days but I found the content very rich, so I still felt pretty satisfied! My sister actually started to read them first, then passed them to me after each one...which made me quickly realise that she would probably be regarded as too young to read them as it is filled with sexual content, both discreet and indiscreet..and if this was made into a film, it would be an 18 rating...but I actually don't think she paid much attention to it anyway apart from the nudity which she commented about .. but, they're only illustrations, and absolutely blindingly fantastic illustrations too! Olivier Ledroit has a true talent with creating expression, mood and humour through his work. I probably wouldn't even really need to read the text to understand what was happening...although I would then miss out on some of the extremely humorous dialogue!I could go on about this for ages but one of my favourite parts of this comic is the world it is set in which is called Resurrection... also known as, Hell. People are 'reincarnated' on Resurrection into monsters depending on how they were in their 'lives'...but everything is also the opposite! So, people who carried out the most awful crimes would actually reincarnate as Vampires, which is the highest ranking monster as obviously they are typically seen as quite sophisticated creatures...where those who have committed little or none, would reincarnate as zombies. I loved this idea! Something else that is 'opposite' is time. Time flows backwards so creatures end up getting younger, rather than older. There is also a Dracula character who was actually already a vampire on 'Earth', therefore he is much stronger and the most evil on Resurrection.
There is an array of other creatures but apart from the Vampires, my next favourite Race are The Archaeologists who were mass-destruction weapon scientists on Earth and collect all technology that arrives on Resurrection to preserve. This is another example of how 'backwards' Resurrection is...they do not believe in 'progressing' in 'society'. The most exciting thing about this Race is that they look like mummies and when they want to leave their sarcophagus, they need to wear the skin of another race. These illustrations were just the funniest things I'd ever seen...almost surreal! My sister was also especially amused by this Race. I was tempted to photograph it to show on my blog but I wouldn't want to spoil it so I highly recommend you buy and read the comic yourself!
The humour and some of the story lines were so outrageous it started to remind me of True Blood..so if you like True Blood, this would absolutely be the comic book for you!
My sister and I absolutely cannot wait for the 5th volume which will be available at October's Comic-Con!...and I am now also on a mission to read all other Pat Mill's comics and comics illustrated by Olivier Ledroit!
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