Saturday, 16 July 2011


I have been finding it harder each day to find something to wear because I am completely bored of everything I own! Because of this, I have been gradually selling the contents of my wardrobe on eBay to fund for new things! I have also been selling my shoes and hadn't realised that I had pretty much sold all my heeled shoes! So I was stuck on what to wear when I attended the Royal Ascot last month! However, hooray for online shopping, I checked out ASOS.COM and purchased Headline (which was on SALE from £55 to £35!). I was worried that they would be too high for me to wear all day at Ascot but I really didn't have anything else! Luckily, they were so much more comfortable than I thought and is a style I would definitely be interested in for future purchases in regards to the built up platform as I really didn't think I would be able to walk in them!
Also, I have been getting a bit obsessed with looking after my feet too and will never ever wear skinny heeled shoes ever again or anything that makes my feet arch in a stupid way, it just isn't worth it! Built-up, steady shoes are the way to go!
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