Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bertie North Twin Sandals.

I've been selling most of my clothes and shoes on eBay because I have been so bored of everything I own! With the money I made, I have been buying newer and more exciting things that I will wear more than once! I am definitely much more sensible when buying things now!
My newest shoe purchase are these Bertie North Twin Sandals from ASOS.COM...on sale from £95 to £57!

I've wanted some platformed cork sandals for ages but never came across the right pair until now! These are unbelievably comfortable and can easily become an 'everyday' shoe, something I thought I would never say about something with heels!! They are light as a feather and easy to put on...I loved them so much I was going to buy another pair to paint and change the laces...but they were sold out!
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