Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vintage Hemingway.

Last year, I attended Vintage Goodwood which you can read about here... it was an amazing experience and I decided that along with Comic-Con, those would be the two events I would go to each year, without fail.
However, a few months after Vintage Goodwood, it was announced that the 2011 event would be held in London. Even though it would be easier for me to get to, I was still very pessimistic about its new location...which I attended on Friday....and, I was totally disappointed...almost devastated! 
If you look at my blog entry on Vintage Goodwood, there is a huge array of photos of exciting things I saw and I remember it being a real struggle to edit it down for publishing...but in London, I left with literally 5 photos! The ticket price was a hefty £60 which was only for entry into the Royal Festival Hall where there were dance halls, some vintage shops and restaurants...just ridiculous! The actual 'vintage fair' was a few minutes walk from the Hall and it was free!! Of course, I could not help comparing it to last year and it did not meet those standards at all. However, I think those going to it for the first time may still find enjoyment. 
Amongst the vintage stalls were handmade (I didn't mind this too much though)...there were also retail shops that had stalls and most shocking...there were wholesale stalls!! There was absolutely none of this last was all authentically vintage and you could tell that the sellers were reputable and had good vintage for sale, not just carboot-esque product. Also, one thing I loved seeing last year were the vintage London, there was not a vintage car in sight!! I couldn't believe it! I also only noticed about 10% of people dressed in an outfit from their favourite decade...I honestly just felt like I was at a flea market most of the time.
There was a bit of a highlight during my visit, an Etsy stall! Although completely deserted, I was pleased to see something I could relate to!
Overall, I was very disappointed and will not be attending again if it stays in London. Please take it back to Goodwood.
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