Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Film Review: 13 - Game of Death.

If I had read the plot summary for this film and did not know it was not in English, I think I would have just passed on watching it. I don't know what it is but no matter how predictable films may sound, when it is not in English, it actually seems much more exciting to watch!
This is a Thai film about Phuchit, who is having a truly awful day! He works in Sales but is really struggling to seal any deals, his girlfriend has dumped him and he has absolutely no money. So when a mystery caller tells him that he can win a tonne of money by completing a series of tasks, he feels he has nothing to lose and proceeds with them.
The first task is to kill a fly which obviously lures him into the game as it seems so easy at first, but they become harder and much more challenging and also humiliating...there is a scene where he is to eat poo in a restaurant! In our minds, we know he isn't really doing that but you still can't help but squirm!! Good acting I guess!
The film runs along the same thread as the SAW films, but it's much more interesting because the 'participant' is out in the open and 'creating' his own tasks, rather than being locked up in a room.
The ending was quite surprising and I didn't necessarily feel that I had wasted my time watching the film. I would recommend watching it with a group of friends!
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