Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Film Review: Beastly (2011)

I was really looking forward to watching this when I had first read about the concept about a year ago - new, modern take on Beauty & the Beast - I am a real sucker for fairytale remakes! 
Instead of a Prince, Alex Pettyfer plays Kyle who is an arrogant high school student and the film kicks off with him giving a speech about how 'looking good' is important etc etc and is rude to one of his classmates, who is a witch - played by Mary-Kate Olsen.If you know the story of Beauty & the Beast, you can predict the rest of the film...but I was definitely too old to really enjoy it.

I would have preferred a much darker storyline and Mary-Kate's portrayal of a witch was laughable. I can't tell if it was her acting or the costumes, maybe both. I just couldn't take the film seriously at all. I'm sure if I read or watched Disney's Beauty & the Beast again, I would find that much more darker and serious....regardless of there being dancing and singing household objects or not!
Great film to watch if you are under 14, and female...I hope there will be a better adaptation in the future.
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