Sunday, 28 August 2011

Thai Festival - Milford, Surrey.

My sister and I attended a Thai Festival in Milford, Surrey which was held at Secretts Garden Centre and presented by the Mudita Trust Charity...we quite simply went for the food, which truly shows our dedication as it is an hour outside of London! I wanted to use it as a way to try out Thai food without having to buy a huge portion of it at a restaurant...when I may not even like it! However, when we got there, we realised that there was so much more to see and to do...not just stuffing our faces!
My first 'wow, look at that' moment was at this carved watermelon! I'd seen these before but I am still always fascinated by the skill of it all!
I love fun fairs so when we had spotted the Ferris Wheel, we just had to go on! Also, I thought it was a good opportunity for my sister to get some good photos as she is a budding photographer! As you can see from my photos, the event is huge, and there are two lakes within the area...this is used for the last day of the event on Monday where lit flower floats are put into the water at night...which I'm sure is a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, I am missing this but hopefully I can watch it next time!
There were also many stalls at the festival selling furniture and other pieces suitable for the home...I just loved the 'hand' and 'foot' stools...something I will definitely have one day!!
And now coming onto the food, of course! There was so much of it! We didn't know where to start!! Everything smelt amazing and we quickly noticed that many other people clearly also went for the food as the food stalls seemed to be the busiest areas!
One of my most favourite parts of the festival was definitely at the stage area where there was Thai dancing (there is something quite hypnotic about this with the music and how the dancers are so in-sync), Martial Arts (this was super entertaining!!), singing and most interesting of all, Thai puppetry! It just looked so complicated and it didn't look like anyone had stepped on any toes! It was also quite amusing when a young girl ran right up to the stage and watched it all up close, she must have been completely amazed!
My sister and I loved the festival and will definitely be attending the next one! I would totally recommend this to everyone, in particularly for families as there are many activities for children such as face painting and decorating flower floats for the last event. 
The only thing I wanted to do, but didn't (we forgot to go back), was to see the fortune teller. I am always intrigued about what they will say or know about me!
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