Thursday, 15 September 2011

Film Review: I am Number Four (2011)

I remember when I first saw the trailer for 'I am Number Four' and got very excited! It looked amazing but then again, anything with a hint of Sci-Fi looks amazing to me!! I didn't catch it at the cinema but it was still great watching it at home. 
'I am Number Four' is about John Smith, played quite well by Alex Pettyfer who is a 'Lorien'...i.e, an alien. He is the fourth out of nine other 'aliens' who escaped their planet from a barbaric alien race called the 'Mogadorians' - and they looked like some sort of Romulan (Star Trek 2009) hybrid which I found quite amusing!
The Mogadorians are able to track down the Loriens who escaped to Earth and slaughters them one by one. They eventually catch up with John while he is still trying to control his growing powers - this part reminded me a little bit of Smallville when Clark gradually learns his new abilities and the whole 'numbers' reminded me of Battlestar Gallactica! Not necessarily bad, but there were a lot of references to other Sci-Fi's.
Visually, the film was OK apart from one scene that was just amazing- (see above image)...this is when Number Six (yep, another one), protects Number Four by using some sort of elemental resistance skill. I actually found Number Six much more exciting as she was purely a bad-ass, she rode a motorbike, wore leathers, amazing in hand-to-hand combat and she had teleporting skills! Seeing all of this definitely pushed the film up another level, I just wished there was more of it! However, the film was left with a huge opening, so I hope to see much better effects if there is a sequel.
I would still recommend this film to those who love Sci-Fi and can look past some of the under developed storylines.
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