Friday, 16 September 2011


I first mentioned JHB/GI - James Hamilton Butler/Georgie Ichikawa a few weeks ago which you can read about here. I was super impressed with their Menswear offer and was looking forward to seeing what they had in store for Womenswear. However, I did not have to wait long at all as I was very kindly invited to see it at their debut at London Fashion Week! I hurried over after work to The Old Curiosity Shop in Holborn which (and here's a little history for you!) "was built in 1567 and immortalized by Charles Dickens in his book 'The Old Curiosity Shop".
It was such a lovely little place, owned by Daita Kimura who turned it into a handmade shoe shop in 1992! There were tree branches acting as hanging rods and there was just an overall really nice atmosphere. JHB/GI have also collaborated with Daita and created a limited edition of printed footwear...I loved the printed boots as they looked as though they came straight out of an Anime!

Now, the Womenswear!! I first imagined it to be similar to the Menswear, casual, printed t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, leggings etc...but I was actually totally wrong and blown away by the offer. I loved that it had a 'luxe' aesthetic to it with silk jerseys, georgettes and chiffons. The use of their distinctive illustrative prints really worked on these softer silhouettes without being overbearing and still made each garment completely balanced! The pattern cutting is also brilliant and you could really see the Japanese reference through this. I just hope that people who are not familiar with pattern cutting can still appreciate it as these garments will do nothing else but to flatter you!
Also, in true Japanese style, many of the garments are multi-functional which is something I always love. I am glad that JHB/GI have created this softer look for Womenswear while still keeping to their aesthetic as now buyers have a wider option to suit their needs. I would actually happily buy from both the Menswear and Womenswear collections for myself!
Here are some additional snaps from their Menswear side. There were also some animations to watch which were super fun and very suiting to the label - I will post about these soon. I will also show some lookbook images from their Womenswear as the model is great and you have to see the clothing on a body!
On a side note, I was sent a few invites to check out some of the brands at Somerset House (where many of the London Fashion Week catwalk shows are held) but I didn't really intend on going as I didn't really have time but as it wasn't too far from seeing JHB/GI, I decided to check it out anyway! Being there made it clear that London Fashion Week had really come back round again as the time in between seems to have flown by!
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