Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Katy Smail.

A few weeks ago, I was emailed an introduction about Katy Smail, an artist from Scotland but currently in New York. If you look on my left sidebar, you will see my growing list of artists I love, so I was very curious about 'Katy Smail' and decided to check out her work via the provided links.
I instantly loved it! It was definitely the style of art I paid attention to, and it also had a strong nod towards Fashion. I also adored how her characters weren't all smiley/happy girls, they genuinely looked like they were based on real people, or shall I say, real teenage girls. My sister is still a teenager so I immediately recognised Hadley's (below) expression!
There was also mention of a collaboration in a self-published book by indie author Jeremy Tarr titled: (S)mythology, which was described as being a "Tim Burton like fantasy fairy tale with Greek Mythology undertones, with some great illustrations by Katy." 
Greek mythology is definitely one of my favourite subjects so again, it caught my attention even more and I had to have a look at the trailer for the book..it was so lovely and a really fresh way to see the use of illustration. Check it out below and make sure you have your volume turned on or you'll be missing out on the whole experience!

(S)mythology - A Novel | Teaser Trailer from Smythology on Vimeo.

Katy was also kind enough to answer some questions I had for her!

What movie and movie character do you feel inspired by? 
I am constantly feeling inspired by different movies & characters, although there are some that are perpetually on the mood board in my mind; 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', Brooke Shields in 'Pretty Baby', 'The Virgin Suicides' , 'A Bout de Soufle' (Breathless), 'The Dreamers'. Generally films with a sense of dreamlike melancholy and interesting female characters

Is there any music that particularly inspires you? 
I like listening to the wistful love songs of Billie Holliday, Chet Baker, Bob Dylan and Joanna Newsom while I'm working. 

I feel that Katy Smail still has so much more to offer in terms of her illustrative work and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future and how she evolves her female characters!
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