Friday, 7 October 2011

Anderson Soap Company.

I have an abundance of 'Bath & Beauty' Etsy shops as my favourites but have held back from purchasing what I want due to unfortunate shipping costs - as many are based in America. However, when Heartsy (a Groupon/Living Social for handmade products) came on the scene, I decided to utilise the high discount and spent my vouchers on Bath & Beauty! One of the first was from the Anderson Soap Company, who had been a favourite of mine very soon after I had joined Etsy over 3 years ago. I went a bit wild with my purchases, but I just wanted to try every ingredient!!
I got Absinthe (very curious!), Rice Flower & Shea, Persian Limewood, Hawaiian Lei and Yuzu bars of soap...Neroli Mists, Refreshing Rain, Fig Lychee and Fresh Linen as liquid soaps and Infinite Romance as 'Soap in a Jar'!
I wanted to wait until I had used them all before I blogged about it but it would actually take me ages so thought I would make some sort of start!
I've used all of the liquid soaps so far which work in the same way as my usual shower gel but I couldn't believe how spot-on 'Refreshing Rain' was! Whatever you think 'Refreshing Rain' may smell of, this is it! I haven't used any of the bars yet so I will do a follow up of them but the 'Soap in a Jar' had a great scent!
Overall, very impressed, especially with the packaging, super professional with a great aesthetic. I just wish I had spread out a little bit more and got some of the lip balms, perfume oils, and body butters!! Maybe next time!
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