Friday, 14 October 2011

Film Review: Fright Night

I really wasn't expecting much from this film when my sister and I spontaneously went to watch at the cinema a few weeks ago...but I love Vampire films so I purely wanted to watch it for that reason - in fact, I am on a bit of a mission to watch all Vampire films ever made, but I can come back to that another time. So, I guess because I had no expectations, I actually ended up extremely enjoying the film! Fright Night is a remake of a film in the 80s, which I'm unsure if I have seen yet, but I am super keen to do so now! Colin Farrell is a vampire called Jerry (this name for a vampire was so awful it tickled me throughout the entire film!)...and I really thought Colin Farrell was a terrible decision to cast as a vampire...I really couldn't see it...but I was completely blown away! He was a brilliant vampire!! I think this is definitely the sort of character he should continue to play in his future films - i.e. slightly psychopathic/dark/evil/cunning/mischievous....he does it so convincing!
Back to the storyline, Jerry does the typical vampire thing and kills people in a small town whilst pretending to be the friendly next-door neighbour. A teenager discovers what he is and confides in his friend Charley - played by Anton Yelchin - who also played Chekov in Star Trek, so it was amusing not hearing him with a Russian accent as it is the only film I had known him to be in!
Fast forwarding a bit into the film...Charley is trying to find a way to kill Jerry and seeks out a Las Vegas magician called Peter Vincent - played by David Tennant - this was probably the most amusing character as I am pretty sure he had based his character on Russell Brand!! 
The plot is actually really straight forward which is why I am slightly struggling with having to explain it but it has been executed in such a brilliant way. There is a perfect mix of horror and comedy...but not too much of the latter so the film becomes a joke. I also loved how the vampires looked when they turned more...vampiric. This is how I feel the Twilight vampires should look like!!!!...They are much too polished at the moment!!
Anyway, I definitely recommend this film for everyone, I think you will be surprised at how good it is! The only thing that ruined it for me was it being in 3D and there was no cinema that had it as 2D!!! The glasses were too big (as always) and it was annoying being able to see the frames at the corner of my eyes. 3D was completely unnecessary for this film....please stop with the 3D overkill...
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