Wednesday, 19 October 2011

JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Cream.

If you visit my Hair & Beauty category, you can see that I do like a good Beauty product! However, it's definitely more about skincare, rather than cosmetics. A work colleague had mentioned a beauty site in the Far East which was supposed to be amazing (good products/good prices), but she had read that there seemed to be issues with international orders so was hesitant from purchasing from them. So, I asked my sister if she knew of any others and she recommended which I'd never heard of. Anyway, my work colleague loved it and it had all the products she wanted so she went ahead on a mini shopping spree...and I decided to get a few too, from her recommendation. 
I have been using Soap & Glory's Night in Shining Armour Cream but I wanted to try something else, so my colleague recommended JUJU Aquamoist and also a Face Mask which I will blog about another time.
We got the order in under 2 weeks and I have been using the cream for about a week now. Although it is quite sticky, a few minutes after applying, my skin definitely feels my pores have been tightened. However, as my skin is quite dry, I think I prefer a night cream that leaves my skin soft, supple and clearly moisturised...but the Aquamoist cream leaves more of a matte finish which I don't feel is enough. For me, this is better as a day cream, rather than night. I will of course continue using it as the results may be different after a certain time, so I will update this post if this happens! Overall, it's a so-so for me, but could be great for another skin-type.
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