Monday, 31 October 2011

MCM Expo October 2011.

This is the third time I have been to MCM Expo and I am still as excited as I was the first time! However, instead of standing in the queue for 3 hours, I remembered to buy the tickets online first and it was such a relief getting there, knowing that I didn't have to wait for 3 hours before stepping foot inside the venue!
However, I was not, dare I say, as impressed with the cosplaying this time round...I just didn't really see any truly creative ones...and when I say 'truly creative', I guess I mean the ones where you can see a lot of time, energy and money has gone into! I did find this guy though which had amazing laser eyes!

Nevertheless, it is quite hypocritical of me to criticise when I made no to cosplay at all...but, this time, my sister did! effort  She cosplayed as Maka from Soul Eater which included wearing a blonde wig which we thought was hilarious and she spent a few weeks making a brilliant scythe out of foam, lots of duct tape and lots of paint! She eventually got tired of holding it at the event and very kindly gave it to the first person who took interest in it. The boy in question looked very happy indeed!!

Something I kept wanting to see but kept missing on the other times I attended MCM Expo, were the photoshoots! We stumbled across this Final Fantasy one by accident but I adore Final Fantasy so it was a very happy accident! I was extremely amused by the whole thing and impressed at the amount of people who were in character for most of the photoshoot.
 Final Fantasy XIII-2 was also available to play but as always, totally hogged! Next time I will play a game!!! Another thing that I was previously too shy to do, was to get a drawing of myself done by one of the artists in the 'Comic Village'. It was in a different location this time and I spent a very long time browsing each piece of art. There also seemed to be triple the amount of visitors compared to the other was very very packed!!
My sister actually went to get a drawing of her done first so I thought I'd wait and see how hers turned out...and it was so cute, and so her! So, I quickly got mine done too! I was illustrated by Celine Choo and I was very amused by how she had interpreted me...and that anyone who knows me would recognise it was me! (This may be the closest thing to seeing what I look like!)
There were so many talented artists there and I loved how pretty much all of them were still drawing at their tables...I could have spent all day just watching them do this! Next time, I am aiming to get more illustrations of myself done though!
I do love a good Silent Hill cosplay, so I couldn't resist showing yet another one!
I had an absolutely amazing time but could not stay for the 6pm Cosplay competition which I am sure would have been brilliant...but there is always next time! I suggest anyone and everyone to check MCM Expo will be surprised at how much you will enjoy it. The next one is in May 2012!
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