Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Beauty Diary - Aloe Mask.

I purchased this face mask on a work colleague's recommendation and absolutely love it! 'My Beauty Diary' is a Taiwanese beauty brand where they specialise in face masks and after reading several reviews, is a favourite amongst many other beauty fanatics!
I couldn't decide what to get so my work colleague chose the 'Aloe Mask' which 'moisturises, repairs, revitalizes, and nourishes skin'. Sounded great!
I thought it would be a cream that I would apply and peel/wash off...but it is literally a mask (with eyes and mouth holes!), covered in the solution. I tried it with my sister, which wasn't the best thing to do because we couldn't look at each other without we both looked like the woman from 'The Skin I Live In'!
Luckily, I had more self control so my mask stayed on for longer, while my sister's mask was half-hanging off her face because she couldn't stop laughing...but this made it even funnier! It came off very easily and you are not supposed to wash your face, but to simply let the solution sink into your skin. My skin felt very fresh and noticeably smoother. 
'My Beauty Diary' offers a total of 17 different versions of the face mask, with different ingredients.
However, some of the descriptions do make me become slightly cynical...such as the 'Black Pearl Mask' which 'accellerates metabolism of stratum comeum; gently removes dead epidermis cells' ...I mean, am I really supposed to know what all of that means?!! I could take a guess but nevertheless, I am still up for trying!
Look out for future updates!!
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