Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cha Cha Moon.

'Things British' is a new shop located in Carnaby Street specialising in handmade goods and I have had the pleasure of selling my own things there! ...but a bigger entry about this will follow! 
My sister and I were starving and we didn't want to go far to eat after I had visited 'Things British' to have a look at my shelf, so we popped downstairs to a Chinese noodle bar called Cha Cha Moon...and even though it seemed quite busy and I've never been a fan of sitting on benches (sorry, much too close to other people and reminds me too much of school!)...we decided to give it a go!
I went for my usual - Seafood Ho Fun...which is basically a seafood noodle medley...but even though it is my usual, they never ever taste the same! I don't think my photo does it any justice whatsoever but it was absolutely delicious! Service was also great, very friendly staff and food arrived in a timely manner - not too fast which makes me wonder why and not too slow...just perfect!
I rarely ever take left over food home, but it was too nice to leave! I thought the packaging was also super cute and couldn't help snapping it! Highly recommend this place to eat...and it will definitely be on my mind the next time I am visiting Things British!
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