Sunday, 20 November 2011

Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part I.

I don't know how my sister and I have done it, but we have always watched the Twilight films at the cinema on the first day of release since they came out in 2008...and we weren't going to break this routine when Breaking Dawn was released! From reading the books, I knew this was going to be a good one with lots of action and glad they decided to break it into two parts! A wedding, a pregnancy, a hybrid baby...the latter being the most interesting part to see! However, I will get to that later! The next best thing was of course the wedding! I was genuinely impressed with the set up and even more impressed with the subtle 1920's theme..1920's being my favourite decade of course!
Bella's dress was beautiful and I was amused that there was such a strong focus on it! Although I like her as Bella, I've never been blown away by Kristen Stewart's acting...but her nervous mood when walking up the aisle was very convincing and the whole scene was lovely to watch.
I also liked the short clips of the future and random visions as the book is predominantly narrated by Bella and I think the film really needed these deep surreal hints into her thoughts to keep it close to the book. I found these incredibly cheesy but Twilight has always been cheesy which is why I think I enjoy them so much!
Alice looked beautiful in her beaded 1920's flapper dress and I was so relieved that they finally sorted her hair out (and Rosalie's!), as I always thought it was awful!!
The film definitely starts to get more exciting when Bella discovers she is pregnant, with the 'baby' developing much faster than a normal/human embryo. Because the baby is a human/vampire hybrid, and Bella is human, there is risk that Bella will die...something that Edward cannot come to terms with and chooses to be rid of it! Remembering Rosalie's yearning for a child, Bella seeks her help for protection. I love Rosalie's character and I know she (Nikki Reed) is a brilliant actress, so I wish she had much more screen time.
During the pregnancy, Bella's body deteriorates and quite frankly, Kristen Stewart looks awful!!! She becomes frail and unrecognisable!
The birth scene was also brilliant!! Probably not great for those who are squeamish but I felt it was very well done and quite unexpected for a 'teen' film...which makes me wonder how brilliant the entire Twilight Saga could be if it was aimed at a more mature audience.
Nevertheless, it was a brilliant film and you can't help but notice the bigger budget gone into it! However, it definitely did not lose the charm it had in the first film...which was a relief and the last scene was a real 'wow' moment for me! I am desperate to see what they have in store for Part II now!!
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