Sunday, 13 November 2011

Film Review: Immortals. (2011)

I was so excited to watch this when I found out about it several months ago...not only is it 'from the producers of 300' (loved this film!), but it had my favourite Greek Gods in the cast! When I was at school, I was constantly exposed to Greek Mythology - whether it was part of the curriculum or if I had chosen it as an inspiration... so I have always had an interest in it.
I've already mentioned Freida Pinto in my 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' film review and I still felt the same thing watching her in 'Immortals' - nothing. She was an 'Oracle' and I thought it would be a good role for her to show her acting skills but I wasn't fact, I kept thinking how the 'Oracle' in '300' would have been better, even though all she did was float around for a few minutes.
Apart from Freida Pinto and the fact I had to watch it 3D, everything else was great! The storyline was unique and apart from the fight scene between Theseus and a soldier with a Minotaur-shaped helmet, I found it all to be quite original with great effects!
Henry Cavill plays Theseus, a peasant who lives with his mother in a small village that is attacked by Mickey Rourke's character, King Hyperion ...and he is brilliant!! I had no doubt that he would play this character well as I've never actually seen him do a bad job, ever! I was very amused by his costumes though, especially his helmets! Actually, helmets in general were quite amusing to me throughout the entire film! I can't add another image to this blog entry as there is already quite enough, but Poseidon's helmet was just hilarious.
King Hyperion declares war on the Gods after his family dies from an illness and searches for the Epirus Bow, which he intends to use to release the Titans from Mount Tartarus, who are enemies to the Gods.
The Titans looked amazing and I wish they had much more screen time!!
Isabel Lucas really stood out to me although I'm not sure if I was more in awe of her costume (I work in Fashion so this can't be helped!)..or impressed with her acting (I would need to watch it a second time to see). Her interpretation as Athena was fantastic although I definitely yearned to see the interpretation of the other 'popular' Gods such as Aphrodite and Hades.
I felt that the film was very rich with content and I never got bored watching, my favourite scenes are definitely with the Gods which is also where there are most special effects and the ending is a little annoying because I would have given anything to see more!!! I couldn't compare it to '300' though, I see them as quite different... '300' was beautifully stylised but 'Immortals' had a more diverse storyline. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this film!!
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