Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I don't think I've mentioned Folksy on my blog before, but it's basically a site to sell your handmade goods! I joined it ages ago but my Etsy shop was always my main priority.
However, Folksy have recently revamped their site with a new look and new rules. The new look is definitely my taste, white and clean...I thought the new logo was pretty cute too! One of the main new rules was also that handmade items, truly had to be handmade! This meant that I would not be able to sell my jewellery as they have been 'hand-assembled'...but this was not a worry! I liked that it had a different stance to other online handmade sites as I felt that it would also mean it would bring in a different type of customer...which is always interesting to see for those who sell handmade!
Below is a snapshot of my Folksy Shop which will predominantly be fabric based but it's nice that it is slightly different to my Etsy shop and it always encourages me to make more things besides jewellery!!

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