Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Other Art Fair. Part I.

I don't know why I've never been on (when I've known about the magazine for years and years) ...a site with an abundance of information on things to do, something I am always seeking out as I always end up reading about things that have happened, or things that people have done...but I had never known about it myself until it was too late!
Anyway, I can't remember how I got on the site but I was browsing for a very long time and managed to fill in 2 Friday's and a Saturday...and lots of writing in my diary!
One of the first things I bought tickets for was 'The Other Art Fair'. I had wanted to go to 'The Affordable Art Fair' but was too busy at work to attend so when I had read about this on, I was going to MAKE time! I was genuinely impressed with it and it reminded me of an 'art' version of London Fashion Week - quirky, fun and original! There was SO much to see and I took a million photos (thank you all who were happy for me to snap away!), I have broken my 'review' on the Fair into three parts to make sure I talk about all that I loved!!
First is Clinton De Menezes whose work I didn't instantly gravitate to as I couldn't really see what it was from where I had been standing...however, my eagle-eye sister shouted over to get me to look at it up-close and WOW! There were mini-people inside the frames - they were the 'Art'! I was blown away by this and could have stared for hours, looking at all the detail and seeing what they were wearing! It really told a story to me, as if there was an Apocalypse and survivors are gathering in an open, deserted space....I watch too many films! His work is just amazing so if you want to see more, check out his website in the link above!
We then came across an origami installation by Kiwa Lam! This instantly caught my attention as it was 3D, I love origami and the colours looked beautiful together. I couldn't believe how detailed the 'bouquets' were and just check out the teeny-weeny ones in the frame!! Click the link above to see her works-in-progress...very fascinating!
'The Progression of Regression' by Mike Calway-Fagen was another interesting and unexpected piece I saw there.
Next is Gin Durham's ceramic pieces! I absolutely loved this stand and the detail was impeccable!
The alphabet boxes edged in gold were beautiful and there was a real sense of child psychology within all these pieces as they almost had a 'twisted' element to traditional child-like things.
My favourite piece were the fetish dolls! They looked so cute with their teeny black lips and beautiful rose design...totally unexpected but absolutely wonderful!
As my sister and I first made our way into the exhibition, we were photographed and when we were leaving, we spotted ourselves on the 'photo wall'! was a piece of art itself!
I would definitely come to 'The Other Art Fair' again but I hope there will be other artists showing there too next time!
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