Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Patricia Anders - again.

I adore the work of Patricia Anders and I have already mentioned her on my blog which you can read here.
My favourite was 'Red Dress' which Patricia was very kind to send a print of it to me! I decided to get a couple more as I knew I would be yearning for them once I had received 'Red Dress'...so, we decided to just do a trade! Patricia wanted some of my custom printed pouches which I was very happy to make for her, and in exchange, I selected 'Two Sides to Suzee' which was another favourite and also 'I Want to Suck You'...which was a brand new favourite and one that just blew me away!! It isn't until now (while I am typing this) that I realise I loved it so much as not only is it vampiric, but it consists of some of my favourite colour combinations - black, blue and red ...which I have also used in my little flapper girl illustration!! I was also super impressed with the paper quality, I actually felt like I had original paintings!
It took me a while to frame them as I couldn't find the right ones but now they are hanging up on my wall! ...which is also slightly contradictory as I had once mentioned how I liked keeping art in books as there was a high possibility of getting bored of something if I saw it everyday...which is why I created these art books ... but I am certain I won't be getting bored of these!! I will also certainly be purchasing some more in the future...but which ones?!?!?!
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