Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Secret Circle.

I hadn't mentioned this in my entry about MCM Expo but my sister and I had recently finished the entire Smallville series and when we spotted Jessica Parker Kennedy at the event, we decided to go and say hello! She had a small role in Smallville as 'Plastique' but we both really liked her character and my sister wanted to get her autograph. Jessica was so lovely to talk to and much more beautiful in person! We also found out that she is in a new TV Series called 'The Secret Circle', which is about witches....and we knew we just had to watch it!!!
We've watched a few episodes now and although it started off quite slowly at first, we are hooked!!
The main character is Cassie Blake who is a 16 year old teenager and moves to Chance Harbor to live with her grandmother, when her mother is murdered - which is not to her acknowledgment. She only believes that her mother died in a fire.
She is befriended by five other students at school explaining to her that they all come from a history of witches, and that they need her to complete the 'circle' which makes them even more powerful. Of course she doesn't believe them but when magic starts happening, that is when the show becomes much more exciting!!
I was actually most surprised when I noticed Natasha Henstridge playing a Principal! This actually put me off the series a little, as there is no way she can go from playing a bad-ass alien chick in 'Species', to a simple Principal! However, her character quickly develops and it is clear that there is much more to see!
Jessica Parker Kennedy plays Melissa, and although her role starts off quite small, there is one episode when she is possessed by a demon and really excels at this!
Britt Robertson is Cassie, but I am still undecided about her. She hasn't really stood out to me yet, despite being the main character...and I actually found it a bit cliche that a 'pretty blonde girl' is the lead. I didn't like how she was styled and found her quite forgettable but I hope that her acting blossoms in the upcoming episodes. In fact, it is a similar feeling for most of the characters and that some of the more experienced actors really expose the less experienced ones.
However, on a better note...I am really liking the character of Faye Chamberlain, played by Phoebe Tonkin. Her character is unpredictable, selfish and power-mad...which makes it great to watch! She is standing out the most to me so far and reminds me of some of the characters from 1996 witch film 'The Craft'.
'The Secret Circle' is a mix between 'The Craft', 'Charmed' and some other current TV shows like 'The Vampire Diaries'. In fact, Cassie's grandmothers house actually looks like the house from 'Charmed'! 
I have huge hope for this show and I do hope it is successful as there is so much to explore and so much more character development to be made!!
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