Thursday, 10 November 2011

Things British - update.

I recently mentioned that I have been hiring a shelf at 'Things British', which is a new shop selling handmade goods, located in Carnaby Street, London.
If you read my entry, you will learn that I wasn't impressed with my merchandising effort at all and had to do something about it!
So, for the past couple of days, I have been analysing my shelf and making note of what I needed to do. One thing that I had to address immediately was to help explain what everything was! I can't believe I was expecting people to part with £20 on a Gold Vermeil necklace when there was no signage at all explaining that it was Gold Vermeil! I basically just left out lots of information!

I came across these little acrylic display stands on eBay and decided to get a few to help indicate what everything was and to also state the price as I hate it when I need to fiddle for a label to find the price! Everything on a shelf has to be labelled anyway though, but I think making the price visible is still important. These were super fun to make and I'm so glad I came across them and persevered with improving my shelf!
I prepared some more stock to take to Things British as it was in need of beefing up! This included several more ribbon-bound notebooks and also some pocket mirrors! When I arrived in Carnaby Street, I decided to visit Muji to see if there was anything else I could use as a display tool and found an acrylic compartment block, which I used to place some of my jewellery and the pocket mirrors (at the back). I spent about half an hour re-arranging everything and decided to have most of the jewellery out of the cellophane packaging so that customers were able to touch and try on if they wanted to. I felt so much better about it after I was done...and I hope you would agree!!
There is still more I can do though, like hanging some of the necklaces...but I have yet to find a good way to do this, while still keeping to the aesthetic of my brand...and something else instead of tags as I find them quite annoying! I am also pleased to say that one of my notebooks was placed at the front of the shop!
I am a bit of a perfectionist so don't be surprised if you see yet another blog entry about my shelf at Things British but if you're around Carnaby Street, do pop by and check the shop out...there are tons of great things for Christmas gifts! There is also a 20% SALE Event happening in the whole of Carnaby Street on the 17th November but you need to sign up to get free tickets for it!
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